About Les Edgecumbe and the Aller Park Weather Station

The WX Station

Located on the north side of Aller Vale, Newton Abbot.

The equipment is manufactured by Peet Bros., USA (Peet Bros website) and has been in service for many years and proved extremely robust and reliable.

Image of Newton Abbot Weather Station

The Main Unit gives a rolling display of chosen parameters e.g. Wind, Air pressure, Rain etc. It also feeds data to the input of a computer, which translates it into a web site accordingly sent to the Internet.

The Display while not as colourful as many cheaper devices, provides an accurate dissection of data fed onward to the PC.

Biography: Now semi retired. 24 years at sea as Radio Electronics Officer in Merchant Navy, Most classes of ships (definitely not passenger - cargo too troublesome and noisy). Period ashore, working at GCHQ. Then 25 years as Marine Electronics Engineer, based in Brixham, Devon up to now.

Hobbies: Amateur radio - preferred modes Shortwave/Long distances CW (Morse) and Radio Telex,. Photography and travel.

Image of Newton Abbot Weather Station

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